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Review of Applications

Applications are reviewed by the first of February, and responses are sent out by the second week of February.

Crafts must be contemporary.

The Association will not review:
>> crafts made from kits
>> crafts that appear as if they are made from kits
>> buy-and-sell "crafts"
>> rerrangements of mass-produced items
>> "cutesy" items eg., Disney and L'il Bratz characters

At the Festival

The Association and the Yankee Peddlers work energetically to enable visitors to immerse themselves in an environment that permits the public to explore and appreciate the beauty of arts and crafts in as "pure" a way as possible.

Therefore all crafters:
>> must exhibit all three weekends and demonstrate a minimum of 50 percent of the time unless otherwise exempted by the Association. (There is no electricity or modern equipment available. Battery-powered lights and equipment are permitted)
>> must wear acceptable clothing at all times while on the grounds. Tee-shirts, shorts, haltertops, cut-offs, mini-skirts, etc., are expressly prohibited.
>> are expected to provide educational displays that illustrate some of the many facets of craftsmanship and artistry, and to provide brief written histories of their crafts on their booths
>> must sell only handcrafted goods made individually by the exhibitors. Any accessories (for instance, belt buckles) must also be handmade. (No mass-produced goods may be sold.)
>> may sell only those goods that they indicate in their contracts with YPFA. No additions can be made following acceptance of the contract. Once prices are established on the first day of the Festival, they may not be changed throughout the entire three weekends of the show.
>> must be set up by 9:00 AM each day and must not vacate the grounds until after 6:00 PM. This is matter of courtesy to the public upon with all Yankee Peddlers depend. Those who violate this rule are never invited to return.


Booths provide a measure of security for crafter and public on the grounds, and protection from the elements which can include inclement weather. They also generate the image of the grounds that is characteristic of Yankee Peddler. The Association expects each crafter to build a substantive and attractive booth or to provide a sturdy "tarp-and-pole" structure, eg., "Craft Hut," Trimline Canopy, sturdy EZ-up. (Some structures are available locally for rental.) All other tents are unacceptable. Exhibitors are solely responsible for their booths, tables, and seating equipment, and for maintaining a neat and tidy display.

The space allocation fee covers all three weekends for a 12'(front) x 10'(deep) space. (A limited number of double spaces are available.) Please call (800) 535-5634 for the current fee schedule.

Only one exhibitor and one craft per booth is permitted unless an exemption is granted by the Association. Exhibitors may have helpers as needed in the booth. (For rules and prices for sharing a booth, please call the Association.)

Booth construction may begin on the Tuesday following Labor Day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


There is no charge for camping in the designated Festival area. Camping anywhere else in Clay's Park involves a fee.

The Yankee Peddler Festival is an invitational show. The Yankee Peddler Festival Association reserves the right to rule on crafts, booth, costumes, and such other incidental trappings as may be presented, and to accept those crafts which they, in their sole discretion, deem to fit in with the show theme. It also reserves the right to ask any crafter to leave the show if the regulations are not observed. Refunds will not be made if a crafter is asked to leave. The Festival Association reserves the right to circulate to Craft Guilds and other promoters resumes of individuals who misrepresent themselves.

* Required

I acknowledge that I have read the guidelines for the Yankee Peddler Festival and agree to abide by the rules and regulations as will be set forth by the Yankee Peddler Festival Association should I be invited to participate in the Festival.